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What is Linen Clothes? 5 Amazing Features of Linen Fabric.

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Linen clothing has been a growing trend in the last year. What is Linen Clothes? Linen is one of the most amazing fabrics to use for clothing. It is long-lasting, light to the touch and breathable. Linen fabric feels amazing on the skin and is also known to have healing properties! Here are 5 interesting features of Linen Clothing.

1. Linen is VERY eco-friendly.

Linen clothing is one of the most healthy natural fibres that you can wear. It is made from the flax plant. The plant is not heavily processed to make the fibre for clothing, and it left very much in its natural state. The flax plant is carefully extracted, spun into yarns and woven into fine fabric. The flax plant does not require heavy chemical processing to extract the fibre or to grow, making linen fabric natural and eco-friendly.

Linen Clothes dress

2. Linen Clothes feel fresh and clean.

Linen clothes are known to be strong, durable and absorbent. Linen fabric dries faster than cotton, making it comfortable to wear in humid warm weather. It is also soft to the touch, making it perfect for linen bedding or clothes. 

3. Linen Clothes are Easy Care!

Linen clothes and bedding can be washed just like cotton. Most linen fabrics can be thrown in your washing machine and dryer. Linen drys quickly and does well hang dried. Linen tends to wrinkle, but that is part of the aesthetic of linen clothes, so no need to iron. Linen has a soft, natural look that always looks classy and high quality.


Linen Clothes shirt in Grey, button up Linen Shirt.

4. Linen is Temperature Regulating and antibacterial! 

Linen keeps you comfortable year round. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with its temperature regulating properties. Linen is also known to be entirely antibacterial! This keeps you fresher longer and allows more wear between washings. Bacterial and other germs have a VERY hard time surviving on fine, closely woven linen fibres. Linen is so healthy, hospitals used to use it for bedding and bandages.

5. Linen has a healing frequency!

Linen has a unique feature of having a healing frequency charge. While other fabrics resonate at 10-100 mHz, Linen fabric measures 5000 mHz when tested. This could be why linen is such a healing, energizing fabric! Learn more about the frequencies of fabrics here.

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What is Linen Clothes?






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