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The Healing Properties of Linen Clothing.

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Linen Clothing to help heal you?

Linen is yet another one of our favourite ethical fabrics alternatives. Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. But you may be wondering to yourself, what exactly makes it so wonderful? Well, Linen is commonly referred to as, "The healing fabric," or the "preferred fabric" for a healthy lifestyle and there are a few reasons to why that is. 

Linen clothing is scientifically proven to assist in all types of healing. In the past the restorative properties of linen were acknowledged by its preferred use as the material that bandages were made from. Linen naturally flights against different types of bacteria and fungi, and Flax is found to be a very effective barrier to some diseases. Hospital sheets used to use linen fabric because it was widely known to be the best for healing and protection agains infections.

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In 2003 a Jewish doctor, Heidi Yellen, did a study on the frequencies of fabrics, in which she showed that a healthy human body has a signature frequency of 100, and wearing a material that measures less than 100 units of energy would compromise our wellbeing. Each fabric gives of a frequency that can be measured in mHz (megaHertZ).  Organic cotton has a tested value of 110 mHz, polyester around 10 mHz.  A diseased person generally measures 15 mHz. Wool and Linen both have a signature of 5000 mHz! That amazing naturally created feature of the fabrics will give energy also to your body as you wear it.  It is important however to not wear linen and wool together however as the the frequencies in both of the linen and wool fibres run in opposite current directions. If you wear them together the two frequencies will cancel each other out and bring you to a 0.

In an email dated 2/10/12, Dr. Yellen explained the process of this study:
"Frequency was determined by a technician [named] Ivanne Farr who used a digital instrument designed by a retired Texas A&M professor called the Ag-Environ machine. We had a public demonstration with an audience at internationally known artist Bob Summers home.

"Bob Graham, the inventor, told us that his machine was created to analyze the signature frequencies of agricultural commodities to aid the farmer in determining the right time of harvest growth.  The gentleman identified signature frequencies that identified illness also and had turned to helping people get well.  Bob Graham stated that it was a 'signature frequency of that plant's species identity.'  The mHz is different, we were suggested that it would be the same as Rose essential oil.  

"There could be better devices so we have been looking around for more options.  There's a device that a brilliant American agriculture scientist developed that does measure the frequency of Linen.  We have not yet acquired one but hope to soon!

"Dr. Philip Callahan, a noted physician and researcher, was able to prove the existence of this energy using plant leaves attached to an oscilloscope. About six months ago, he visited me in California and showed me a new development. He had discovered that flax cloth, as suggested in the Books of Moses [the Torah or Pentatuch], acts as an antenna for the energy. He found that when the pure flax cloth was put over a wound or local pain, it greatly accelerated the healing process. He was also using the flax seed cloth as a sophisticated antenna for his oscilloscope.  This is the instrument that he uses to determine energy of flax."

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Did you know that linen is stronger than cotton? It's actually one of the only fabrics that is stronger when it's wet, rather than when it's dry. Since the fibres in the material don't stretch, it is far more resistant to any sort of damage or breakdown in the wear. Linen clothing does last longer as well as all of the other amazing properties it has.

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