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Is Bamboo Good for Underwear?

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Bamboo clothing has been growing in popularity over the last 10 years. The fabric is known for it's soft texture and ability to hold colour well. Is bamboo good for underwear? Let's look at the key features of bamboo underwear fabric to find out.

Bamboo underwear is hypoallergenic and very soft in texture. When shopping for underwear, softness and comfort is a major concern. Bamboo fabric has an incredibly soft feel and is soothing to the skin. It is also known to not irritate sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from the body. When moisture is moved away from the body, we feel much fresher all day. Bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from the body all day, helping to keep the skin dry and clean.

Bamboo Underwear sets.
Bamboo Underwear is easy and quick to launder. Bamboo fabrics can be washed and dried in any laundry machine. They also are quickly and effortlessly handwashed if needed. This makes bamboo a natural choice for underwear that needs to be washed often. For tips on what types of laundry detergent to use on bamboo clothing, check out our article on natural laundry detergents here.
Bamboo is a long wearing fabric. Don't let its soft feel fool you! Bamboo fabric is long-lasting and can be worn for years. At Salts & West we love bamboo fabric for our bamboo leggings. This makes bamboo underwear a terrific investment. Adding bamboo to your wardrobe not only feels great, but is sustainable for your wallet and the planet.
Bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties. Bamboo fabrics have been shown to have natural antibacterial tendencies. This is perfect for our sensitive private areas. This is wonderful news to help those who struggle with yeast or infections in that area, which is very common.\
Bamboo is a temperature regulating fabric. Wearing bamboo next to the skin is terrific, as it is a fabric that regulates temperature and keeps the wearer at an even body temp. It feels warm in the winter and cooler when the weather is hot. Many people say that they do not like to wear other fabrics next to the skin after trying bamboo clothing.
Bamboo Underwear and Bras hold their shape with wear. Unlike 100% cotton underwear and bras, bamboo underwear holds its shape with wear. When spandex is added to the fabric like in our bamboo underwear collection, the fabric maintains its original shape and support even with extended wear.
With all these benefits, bamboo fabric is definitely a terrific choice for underwear. We love to use bamboo to make many of our classing clothing pieces, including our Bamties bamboo underwear. Bamties bamboo underwear are made from the leftover smaller pieces from our local slow fashion clothing production. They are not only soft and so comfortable, but help reduce waste when we make bamboo clothing. Eco fashion can definitely look great and feel amazing.
Bamties bamboo underwear by Salts & West bamboo .


-Jennifer Graham for Salts & West Bamboo Clothing

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Is Bamboo Good for Underwear?

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