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VIP Access to the Cutting Room...literally!

Canadian Made Clothing Eco fashion made in canada

Ever wonder how we create your beautiful Salts & West bamboo clothing pieces?  A whole lot of love goes into it the process, that's for sure!  In this video, Jenny gives you a VIP sneak peek into the cutting process as we cut some of our new bamboo pencil skirts... Snip Snip!  Enjoy.

Shop all of our pieces now in the online shop, the item we are cutting here is the Lana Pencil Skirt in Bamboo fabric and the Hoodie Jen is wearing is the Salts Zip up Hand dye in bamboo fleece fabric.


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  • Johanna on

    Fun!! Love the behind the scenes videos!

  • Jose-Anne Leclair on

    nice to see behind the scenes!! love your hoodie too!!

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