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Is Your Laundry Polluting the Ocean? Ways to Stop Micro Plastic Pollution in Clothing.

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Did you know that 34.8% of primary microplastics in our oceans comes from our synthetic (plastic) clothing (IUCN, 2017). Microplastics are now being found throughout the ocean food chain. Let's put a stop to micro plastic pollution in clothing by shopping natural fibres and being aware of how we wash our clothes!

Here are a few tips to help you reduce plastic pollution in clothing!


Stop Micro plastic pollution in clothing. Polyester is pollution.

1- Watch your labels! Look for words like Poly or polyester. Those indicate that your clothing is made from plastic. Some companies use "branded" names in the outside tags so be sure to check the inside tags or ask them if the clothing has a strange fibre name you have never heard of.
2 - Once you know which of your clothes are plastic, start caring for them differently - Using a microfiber catcher like Coraball or Guppybag in your washing load can help reduce the number of microplastics entering the water stream. Spot cleaning rather than washing every day can make a big impact too. And ditch the tumble dryer if you can.
3 - Unlike Bamboo viscose, linen and organic cotton, polyester and plastic based fibres are not biodegradable! That cute pair of Poly leggings will never decompose. Make sure you are wearing until they are unwearable, repairing and recycling plastic based clothing. Make the biggest impact by not buying new items made from poly where ever you can avoid it!
This post was adapted from a post by @fash_rev, Fashion Revolution.

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