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The Wonders of Hemp for Clothing.

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So you've probably heard us rant and rave about all the things we love about Bamboo, but let's talk about another Eco all-Star: Hemp Clothing!  This plant has been used in textiles for centuries, and has so many others uses, too. Up to 50,000 uses in fact - but we just will stick to a few today!

Like Bamboo, Hemp is used today as an eco-friendly fabric option. You might imagine Hemp clothing to be scratchy and uncomfortable, but this is actually not true at all! The hemp fabric we use is AMAZINGLY soft and comfy, not to mention it is hypoallergenic and super breathable. Oh, and did we mention that it is thermo-regulating and UV Resistant! Yup, hemp can filter the suns harmful rays up to SPF 15. Who would have thought??

Not only is Hemp a wonderful alternative for fabric, it is also extremely nutritious. Many people use the seeds as salad toppings, in smoothies or just for a snack. The seeds have a nutty flavour, and are super delicious. Another plus is that Hemp seeds contain a very nutritious oil that is high in unsaturated fatty acids!

Another use for Hemp is actually for the environment. More specifically, it also helps enrich farmers soil and helps their crops to grow. Hemp improves the quality of the  soil, allowing it to loosen and get rid of weeds easily. 

I could go on and on about the thousands of uses and benefits of Hemp, but i'm going to stop there. We open hope to find out more uses of hemp and increase the amount of people taking advantage of this amazing plant. It is becoming more and more popular which is very encouraging!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Madison at Salts & West 

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