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Made to Order Fashion: Exploring the Love of Slow Fashion and Pre-Orders.

Canadian Made Clothing Eco fashion made in canada

In the effort to increase sustainability of our items we have moved to a practice of slow fashion as well as using a Pre-Order system for new styles. This helps us manage our small business more effectively, allows our clients to decide which styles we make and also increases the eco friendly advantages of our fashions.



The practice of fast, cheap and dirty fashion is havoc to our planet. Fast Fashion is also fairly new, just coming on the scene in the early 90's. Companies who take a Fast Fashion mindset in business try to launch many new styles a week at extremely low prices.  They make their money on selling large volumes of clothing as cheaply as possible.  This translates into dangerous unfair labour practices, dirty polluting fabrics and unsafe working conditions. The Fashion Industry is now the second largest polluter on the planet.

We at Salts & West have chosen to go the opposite route of this trend. Instead we strive to find the cleanest fabrics possible, searching out fibres like organic cotton, Viscose from bamboo, linen and hemp for our clothing. To further ensure the quality of our products and also the quality of life of those who sew the clothing we produce locally in small batches. This helps us to manage waste while ensuring that ever item we make finds a good home.

Pre-ordering reduces waste! Companies who mass produce often throw away large amounts of unsaleable or extra overstock merchandise.  There have even been stories of high end labels burning their extra inventory. Buy using a Pre-Order system for new styles Salts & West reduces our waste to the smallest amount possible. We make only a few extra than what you have ordered ensuring nothing remains unused. The scraps from the process are used for our Bamties Bamboo underwear, headbands and scarves.  Nothing goes to waste!

Thank you for shopping Salts & West slow ethical fair trade fashion.






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