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Is Bamboo Clothing a better Choice? 5 Points to Consider.

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We have been using bamboo fabrics in our designs for many years. We love the feel and the properties of the fibre and our customers love it as well. Bamboo Clothing has some really unique traits that makes it one of our favourite fabrics to use. You may have read some of our previous articles such as "How to Care for your Bamboo Clothing," or "Know Your Microfibres," which we will touch on in this post. 


Here are just 5 of the reasons why Bamboo Fabric is oh-so great!


1. It's Breaks down Easier.

What does it really mean when something is biodegradable? Well, to put it into simply, it means that the item can break down without causing any harm to the environment. For example, it you were throw away an old pair of bamboo leggings, it would take them MUCH less time to breakdown, as some items can take years to biodegrade, or may not even break down at all (almost all other regular leggings made from polyester and nylon, which are both petroleum based fibres).  

2. Closed Loop System

This may be something you've never heard of before. In the most simplest of terms, it means "A system that uses feedback from the output, to control the input." But what does that mean in reference to our bamboo fabrics? It means that everything used to make the fibre stays IN THE factory. All materials and solutions needed are reused and returned to a base water solution. This certified process ensures that nothing is released to the environment that could be harmful to the environment or the humans and animals in the local habitat.

3. Eco Tech Certified 

Bamboo, and all of our blends of fabric are OKEO-TEX Standard certified dyed. This means that our fabrics have been tested to ensure that they have no traces of harmful chemicals or dyes. Our organic cotton fabrics are also third party certified through a GOTS certificate.


oeko tex certified bamboo clothing fabrics


4.  Easy Care and Easy Wear

Bamboo clothing is easy to wear, and even easier to care for. It's soft and gentle on the skin, making it comfortable to wear for every day. You never have to worry about odours if you sweat, as Bamboo is temperature regulating and will allow you to breathe. If you've read "How to Care for your Bamboo Clothing," you'll know that it is a breeze to care for as well. 

5. No Micro-Fibre Pollution

Using organic sources such as Bamboo helps fight the battle against micro-fibre pollution. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon or acrylic and extremely harmful to our oceans. They have the unfortunate effect of eventually poisoning the food chain. Bamboo and cotton fibres released off in the washing process are biodegradable so do not harm the food chain.

Always remember though to wash your clothes sparingly using eco friendly detergents. The majority of the environmental impact of clothing happens in the laundering process NOT the manufacturing process (I know, unbelievable right?).

Bamboo in the eco-fashion world is becoming more popular than ever. Together, we can help start a conversation about effects toxic and harmful fabrics, and how swapping for eco-friendlier, biodegrade-able and organic materials that keep our planet happy. We hope that as more people love bamboo as a fabric the factories and processes will get better and better.

Comment and tell us what you love about bamboo clothing.

Thanks for reading!


Madison @ Salts & West

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