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Woman to Woman: The Cycle of Women in Business Together

When women support each other incredible things happen. Whomever said that first was on to something. Supporting women has been the thread woven through much of my life in business, it is a part of why Salts & West has chosen to make clothing with ethical and local production. This support is visible in each days work. Jaana and I cut the pieces which go to Pam's sewing machines where she employs other women. Then sewn product is brought back to the studio where Terra presses on the labels bought from Lindsey-Lea. Finally, each piece is shipped out to you where you enjoy it. The cycle goes on with every new batch of garments.

The last few days around the Salts & West studio have had a theme that I am excited and a little nervous to share with you. As some of you have heard, I am doing a Kickstarter project until November 3rd, 2016. The project is to raise money in order to produce a larger batch of bamboo fleece hoodies and sweaters next month. This is important to fund because completing the project will allow us to upgrade our equipment. A project like this requires us, as a small company, to reach out and find many people who believe in us. This reaching out has lead to some exciting new connections that I am excited to share with you.

First, we connected with Amie from Mommy's Inside Voice. She is a lovely mom of three boys who writes a hilarious uncensored blog and Instagram. We worked up a plan to promote the Hoodie Project campaign on her popular Instagram page, complete with a separate city hi-five photo (Amie on the left and me on the right).

Then, this morning I heard from an amazing publication called Fresh Magazine. Fresh Magazine is inspired by women of all ages taking great care of themselves. Their January/February issue is going to have business woman, author, investor and TV personality Arlene Dickinson on the cover. She is a personal hero of mine. I look up to her business savvy and also her firm stance on things that matter to her. Arlene also inspires me in a very deeply personal way, because like me, she is a single mom. Seeing her success and ability to give back because of that success motivates me. In seeing her, I choose to keep going even though sometimes this is not the easy road but it is worth it and it matters.

A dream came true for me today. No, it wasn't this Hoodie project getting funded but hopefully that will come true soon as well. Today, I was offered an interview spot inside Fresh Magazine with my hero Arlene Dickinson on the cover. Salts & West will be listed as one of the top 10 Brands to Follow in a Women in Business article! Wowza! I am dumbstruck with gratitude. It is the support and encouragement from all of you over these last years that has kept us going.

Arlene Dickenson quote

Without getting too sappy (yes, I may have gotten misty writing this post), I just wanted to say, together we really do make a difference in each others lives. You just never really know what the ripple of your support to the people you encourage will create in the future. The positive that each of us is able to pass on makes a difference. It is worth it and it matters.

Thanks for supporting me to design awesome clothes for you.

With Gratitude,

Jennifer Graham

Salts & West

P.S. Here is that Hoodie Project link if you would like to pledge for a sweater.

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