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Spring Clean Your Wardrobe: 5 Tips to Prep For a Fresh Capsule Collection

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What is it about Spring that inspires us to refresh? Maybe you actually enjoy decluttering and organizing (you mythical unicorn babe, you!). Maybe a more minimalist lifestyle sparks your interest. Or you're simply wanting to make room for a fresh and pretty new closet filled with flowy fabrics, fun prints, and pieces that bare a little more skin.  Prep needs to be done!  We need to do a little purge/reorganize, so here are 5 Spring Cleaning Tips to help you prep your wardrobe for the new season.


1. Empty the WHOLE closet.  No stragglers left behind!  Like Erin (@erinelizabethh) suggests, starting by emptying the whole wardrobe sets you up with a clean slate and an open mind.  Now you're ready to tackle this, baby!  


2.  Start by category.  If tackling the whole closet at once leaves you feeling totally overwhelmed, take a tip from Katy (callmekaty) and use the KonMari method: break your wardrobe into categories (e.g. shoes, accessories, tops). Keep items only if they spark joy.


3. Focus on what you LOVE (and everything else is negotiable).  It seems like a dreaded task to start pulling out pieces to chuck away, but do as Allison (@photoallison) suggests and focus on what you LOVE and want to KEEP - it makes the pill a little easier to swallow. 



4. Create piles: Yes, No, Maybe.  Does this fit, flatter, make you feel like a '10'? Does it pair well with other pieces. Would I buy this again if I saw it in the store? (Yes? Then it's a keeper).  Be strict on yourself and keep your 'maybe' pile to a minimum, says Nikita (@Nicaerculj) - get 'maybe' items out-of-sight for a while and see if you reach for them. 


5. Now what? Repair or replace?  Is it worth it to repair ripped, stained, or raggedy pieces (and are you actually going to get around to it?!)  Is this something you will keep wearing?  If not, what do you do with old clothes? Verena Erin from My Green Closet (@verenaerin) has some great tips here: 




Happy Spring cleaning!  What are YOUR favourite tips to go about a good closet refresher?  Will you be overhauling your wardrobe this season (or does it even need an overhaul anyway?).  We'd LOVE to hear from you!


Love and blessings,





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