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Is Bamboo Clothing Better Than Cotton?

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Bamboo and cotton are both very popular materials for making clothes. But, is bamboo clothing better than cotton? Or is cotton better? Let's compare some facts.


Cotton is only able to be grown in certain areas, and is extremely susceptible to disease and insect infestation. For this reason, almost all cotton fields are heavily saturated with chemicals and pesticides, up to 1/3 lb per pound of the plant! Some companies have started growing organic cotton, however the crop loss rate is very high and it must be replanted every year. Bamboo on the other hand is grown without pesticides, and is a self-replenishing resource. One acre of bamboo can produce up to ten times of harvestable material than cotton, and requires 1/3 the amount of water to grow! It is much better for our environment,


Bamboo is much stronger and more durable than cotton. It withholds its shape better and outlasts cotton when it comes to wear and tear. Bamboo has very basic care instructions, and even requires less washing than cotton. Its antimicrobial properties make it resistant to odor causing bacteria. To learn more about the practicality of Bamboo Clothing check out our article, "Is Bamboo Good for Clothing?".



When it comes to comfort, bamboo wins over cotton by a long shot. Bamboo Clothing is luxuriously soft, comparable to the feel of silk or cashmere. It is also very breathable and absorbent, making it a great choice for any season. In the warm weather, it allows your skin to breathe and wicks away sweat from the skin, absorbing moisture 40% better than cotton. On the other hand, in the cool weather, it will keep you warm and cozy. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why bamboo might just be a much better option for clothing than the traditional cotton fabric. Try it out for yourself! We have many great bamboo clothing choices available on our website, found here.

Is Bamboo Clothing Better than Cotton?

Is Bamboo Clothing better than Cotton?

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