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Is Bamboo Good for Clothing?

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There is so much hype aroung bamboo clothing these days. You might ask yourself, Is Bamboo Good for Clothing? Bamboo has some amazing properties as a plant and also as a fabric once it has been processed. Bamboo clothing is one of the softest fabrics that you can wear. It washes easily and has a beautiful feel on the skin.

1. Bamboo Clothing is incredibly soft.

When asking yourself is bamboo good for clothing you may want to consider how it feels to wear. The more you love how a piece of clothing feels on your skin the more you will wear it. Bamboo clothing is very soft and feels like a secound skin. Often people who are senstive to fabrics email us and tell us that our bamboo clothing is the only clothing they can have next to their skin. Bamboo clothing is perfect for highly senstive people. When you wear bamboo you feel perfectly comfortable so you day to day activities aren't intrupted by uncomfortable clothing.

2. Bamboo Clothing does not hold odour.

Bamboo clothing is naturally anti-micobial. This means that bamboo clothing does not hold smell from your body or from the air around you. This means less washing and a more comfortable wear. Laundering is actually the most environmentally destructive part of a piece of clothings life cycle. The biggest environmental footprint comes from your laundry habits, when you cut down on the number of times that you have to wash an item the more eco friendly the item becomes.

3. Bamboo grows easily and is biodegradable!

Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradeable even when it has been processed into a viscose fabric. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the World and it requires now pesticides or fertizers to grow. It does require processing to make into a viscose fabric but most companies use eco friendly methods to do that now days. Some of these methods include a closed look mill systems where chemicals and water are reused for each new batch of fabrics. The bamboo used for fabric is not the same type of bamboo used to feed Panda bears as common legands may have you believe. 

4. Bamboo wicks moisture and keeps you dry.

Bamboo clothing is 40% more absorbant than cotton clothing. This means it keeps you fresh and dry all day long. Bamboo is the perfect fabric to wear for hot weather and fitness activities. The fabric whisks moisture away from the skin for an all day comfortable feel.

5. Dyed Bamboo fabric holds Colour the Best.

When asking is bamboo good for clothing, you may want to consider how long your clothes will last with repeated wear. Bamboo fabric uses considerably less dye than cotton (making is more eco resposible in that area) and also the dy stays in the fabric longer. While your cotton clothing may fade quickly over time, bamboo clothing keeps its colour extremely well, looking new much longer. If you air dry instead of using a dryer it will last ever longer.

6. Bamboo Clothing is Easy Care!

Bamboo clothing can be washed in the washer and put in the dryer. It will last longer of course if you use a cool wash and hang to dry. In a pinch however, you can throw your favouite bamboo item in the dryer and it will be just fine. Bamboo clothing keeps its shape very well. Most bamboo fabrics are knit with a touch of spandex to help them keep their shape even better.

Well... is bamboo good for clothing? I think so. At Salt & West Clothing, we design using bamboo fleece fabric as well as bamboo jersey fabric. Our clients love the feel of the fabrics and the way that they look. Many tell us that they can't stand to wear anything but bamboo. I tend to agree. I live in my bamboo leggings and bamboo tops. Give bamboo a try and let us know what you think.

-Jenny @ Salts & West

Is bamboo good for clothing?

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