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Different Shades of The West Wrap Bamboo Sweater you will love!

Different Shades of The West Wrap Bamboo Sweater you will love!

Do you have that one clothing that is so soft, comfy, luxurious, and versatile? You love her so much she becomes your BFF; you name her and because you live in her, you decide to get her in different classy colors while staying within limits of sustainability! Well, we at Salts and West Clothing and so many of our customers / clients / partners have had this experience with the West Wrap Bamboo Sweater…You experience a feeling like being wrapped in and cuddled by a cloud!

The West Wrap Bamboo Sweater ranks the top favorite of our bamboo clothing line and for good reasons:

She is Eco-friendly, sustainable, and designed to last. Quality and style not compromised!

She is Handmade in Canada.

She is a chic wrap style made from the softest of bamboo fleece fabric.

She features an extra roomy double layered cowl hood, deep pockets, cute coconut buttons, adorable & especially useful thumbholes, and flattering style lines⁠.

She is warm, sophisticated, and easy to wear and care for with minimal fuss.

She is versatile, can be worn in several ways and styled / paired beautifully and effortlessly to suit different events. Thus, you get more than one outfit out of each piece / color.

She is the perfect travel companion since its bamboo features ensures it is wrinkle resistant, odor resistant and thermal regulating (keeps you warmer in the cold, and cooler in the heat, so you are ready for the year-round weather).

Most importantly, you are inevitably and consistently complimented and asked where to get one 😉⁠ (Do not forget to refer all to Salts and West Clothing)

Below is a collection of some of our available gorgeous West Wrap Colours!


Peacock Teal Blue                              Grass Green



Reign Deep Purple                                        Americano


    Stellar Blue

    Other Colors

These are available in different classy colours as indicated above with some currently available as Pre-order items with expected delivery being the end of January!

Pair with any of our bamboo or accessory collections for a complete sustainable look!

Why don’t you give yourself a well-deserved treat and cozy up naturally in our Eco-friendly West Wrap Bamboo Sweater. Check one out today⁠. Book your West Wrap Bamboo Sweater today!

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