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3 Luxurious & Cozy Bamboo Clothing Pieces for your Fall Closet

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 Is it time for Fall styled bamboo clothing yet?

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

As long as Autumn (Fall) lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see” – Vincent Van Gogh

Fall accurately depicted by these two gentlemen! The beautiful yet cool season identified by leaves shedding and color changing. A season that preludes the much cooler months, much needed festivities / holidays / celebrations, great food, and joyful cheer that concludes the year.

Fall, its beauty and cool crisp air calls for pieces that not only matches her mood but exceeds her expectations! At Salts & West, we highlight 3 (we will highlight more in future posts) of our numerous Fall Bamboo clothing pieces that exceed expectations and ensures you enjoy and live Fall to the fullest in style and warmth. But before we delve into these beautiful, cozy and luxurious bamboo clothing pieces, lets to a quick dive into bamboo clothing in general and why they are a “must have” clothing for the Fall and even other seasons!

Bamboo clothing is buttery soft, smooth, and luxurious to touch, lightweight yet strong making them super cozy, highly versatile, extremely resilient, durable, and fashionable all year round. They are hypoallergenic causing no irritation to skin (even with the dryness of skin caused by the cool temperature) and are characterized by natural antibacterial properties that that resists perspiration and reduces odor during wear.

Bamboo clothing is highly absorbent and thermal regulating which makes them breathable and adaptable to any weather - making you cool when hot and warm when cold and thus giving you the much-needed comfort all year round.  They also have anti-static properties hence prevents clinging to skin when worn or static when washed.

Best of all, bamboo clothing pieces offer a wide range of beautiful colors and styles. They are affordable, protect you from sun rays, wrinkle resistant and drape fitting nicely on the body (*wink*wink). Bamboo clothing are a healthier yet colorful alternative.

3 luxurious & cozy Bamboo Clothing pieces for your Fall Closet

 Bamboo Clothing sweater in a wrap style.

1. West Wrap Bamboo Fleece Hoodie Sweater

Cozy, versatile, and sophisticated wrap with a fun twist- A double layered hood, coconut buttons and useful thumbholes😉. Wrapped as a cardigan, a coat or worn as a dress; paired with any of our bamboo leggings, Jeans, flats, heels, or boots, she looks stunning and keeps you stylish and warm either way.

Her welcoming deep pockets are simply perfect for keeping your hands warm and little valuables safe. Wrap up in this buttery soft, easy to wear and care for long-lasting bamboo clothing and your skin, mood, eco ethics, and pocket will thank you and ask for more. ⁠

Available in 7 different colors here


 Bamboo Clothing merino blend sweater in a jacket style.

2. Bamboo Merino Fleece Panel Wrap Jacket

An extra warm fleece bamboo wrap jacket blended with Merino wool for that extra bamboo coziness and delight! Designed for fit and comfort, featuring a five-panel fitted back that flares generously and aligns with your body without the tightness. ⁠Loose front panel with lapel that can be worn stylishly open or hugged cozily closed as required. 

Oh, don't you just love the versatile color combo? Pair away with several colors, any of our accessories, bamboo leggings, Jeans, flats, heels or boots and you are Fall (the season that is ) and every other season ready.

Enjoy this Fall favourite here


Bamboo leggings in bamboo fleece fabric.

3. Krye Bamboo Fleece Legging

High waisted Leggings for days.....😍

Another beautiful and luxurious Fall bamboo clothing - a pair of perfectly fit high waisted leggings that's dreamy, soft, breathable, comfy, super cozy, versatile, flattering and firm in the tummy and leg area.

Krye is perfect for everyday wear. For that stretch, walk, dance, hiking trip, running errands or casual outing. She pairs beautifully with the West Wrap Bamboo Fleece Hoodie Sweater or Bamboo Merino Fleece Panel Wrap Jacket and several of our beautiful bamboo clothing pieces too. You can’t go wrong with this one, ⁠she is a  blissful everyday treat designed just for you. 

Made with a bit of spandex to guarantee they keep their shape for long term wear. Cling & pill resistant too⁠.

⁠Available in black, light grey, burgandy and charcoal here  

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Do let us know what you think of our bamboo clothing selection for Fall in the comment section below😊.


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