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Trade up your Workout clothing for Organic Fitness Wear?

Made in Canada

Have you ever wondered about the environmental footprint of your work out clothes? As it turns out the common fabrics Nylon and Polyester that are used in most workout wear are tough on our Mother Earth. To make Nylon your need to create Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous Oxide unfortunately is 310 times more potent of a green house gas then Carbon Dioxide. Who would have thought that your workout Pants would be such a polluter. Polyester demands huge amounts of water and lubricants to make plus it is made from Petroleum. Both of these fabrics use an incredible amount of energy to make. Now the final blow, neither of these workout wear fabrics are biodegradable. So after you have toned you body and stretched out your muscles those pants will retire to the landfill. Forever….and Ever.

Not sure if your workout wear is made from these materials? You can find out by checking the tags inside the garments. Some companies like to give fabrics fancy brand names in order to hide what the fabric is really made of. The tag inside will never lie. Clothing companies are required by law to disclose the actual fabric contents on the tag sewn into the garment.

So whats a fitness guru to do? Next time you need some new digs to get fit in, look for Eco Friendly Fitness and Yoga Companies that use Certified Organic Cotton in their fabrics. Salts Organic Clothing has just launched a stylish line of Organic Cotton and Viscose from Bamboo yoga wear that is easy to move in. Organic Cotton is chemical free and Viscose from Bamboo is a step up from Nylon because it is biodegradable. So you can rest easy knowing that when your work out wear is retiring to its final resting place it will go peacefully back to the earth.

Hemp is one of the strongest and warmest fibres as well as the most eco friendly. Hemp requires very little resources to grow. Salts Organic Clothing also makes an amazing hemp hoodie sweater for your outdoor runs or your post yoga coffee. Their stylish Hemp Organic Cotton wrap hoodie is a unique addition to any eco friendly wardrobe.

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