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Eco Fashion and Organic Clothing FAQ.

Made in Canada

Here at Salts we get a lot of questions about organic clothing and sustainable Eco Fashion through our website and I wanted to take a moment to answer a few of the most frequent Eco Fashion questions here.

#1. Whats so terrible about normal fabrics? Why switch to Eco Friendly clothing?

Regular Cotton uses a lot of pesticides and herbicides which poison the ocean, near by streams and the land in general. When we use organic cotton we don’t support the use of chemicals in crop production. Other textiles like polyester are made from petroleum which is not sustainable to produce or to manufacture into fabric. The resulting process if left unchecked can be extremely detrimental to the planet and produces an excess amount of greenhouse gases. Such fabrics also poison people, your skin is your biggest organ and takes in everything that you put on it. Making the switch to healthier, chemical free fabrics is great start in protecting you health as well. Regular crop production is also known to poison local streams and water supply for the people living near by, this is usually done in 3rd world countries where the locals can’t just run down to the store for some bottled water and are left with little options but to drink up. Another factory to consider is that fabrics like Nylon and Polyester (like “luon” via the coveted yoga pant craze) are not biodegradable.  Yep.  Those stretchy pants will be a part of this planet forever once made.  Switching to clothing made from fabrics that biodegrade is a easy way to make sure your Environmental footprint isn’t a permanent one. Salts Organic Clothing searches out the best fabrics available in order to protect the planet and others from the harm that these chemicals can cause.  We also keep it in our mandate to make sure the fabrics are not only a better option to the environment but also look amazing and are functional.  After all whats the point of making Eco Fashion if no one wants to wear it.

#2. Where is Salts Organic Clothing made?

Salts is designed in a small studio in Lake Cowichan, BC.  We design, chose the custom colours and make the first patterns. Once the design is perfected for fit and function have the garments manufactured in a small fair trade GOTS certified facility in India.  The Salts line is redesigned twice a year (once for Spring/ Summer and once for Fall/ Winter).  We have a line of really amazing staple basics and showcase trendy fashion pieces with each season.

#3.  Where can I buy Salts Organic Clothing and other Eco Fashion lines?

The best way is to know when we have new items arriving or being made is to sign up for our Newsletter (at the bottom of this post or to the right hand side).  We also have some favourite sites where you can find new Eco friendly brands and news.  Some of our favourites are Ecouterre,Ecoholic, Eco-chick and EcoFriendly Fashion.

#4.  How do I care for and wash eco friendly fabrics?  Is it difficult?

Most of Salts Organic clothing made with our viscose from bamboo and organic cotton blend fabric recommend a easy peasy cold water wash, hang or tumble dry regimen.  Our hemp products can also be washed the same.  I have pieces that I have washed and dried in the dryer and had no problems with shrinkage or colour loss.  Do you have other eco fashion clothing that you want to know how to care for? I have written a full post on how to wash eco friendly clothing here.

Organic clothing and sustainable eco fashion FAQ

#5. Where do you ship too? I live in Europe, Australia, Japan, etc…?

Shipping outside of Canada is easy!  Costs for shipping to the United States are minimal and range from $12 -$20 depending on how far away from Vancouver Island you are. Please email me for a direct quote before you order or ask for one in the comments section when you are placing your order. For International orders we can get you a quote at the time of ordering, the cost depends on your country and the size of your order. We recommend getting a few friends together to place a larger order to help with overseas shipping costs and also to cut down on the environmental footprint of shipping overseas.

#6. I want to learn more about eco fabrics and Eco Friendly Clothing? Do you have more info?

Take a gander at some of our older blog posts, I always write on new eco-friendly information as I find it. You can check the articles on the Eco friendly living posted on our website as well. Thanks for considering switching your wardrobe to some Eco Fashion choices!  Comment below with anymore questions you have and please sign up for our free updates!


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