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Define your Body Type and Tips to Flatter it.

We have been talking about accepting our own body types lately, including my own.  I am an Apple.  At Salts we believe all shapes and sizes are beautiful but that doesn’t mean we can’t know what we are working with and flatter it. The first step in creating your own unique empowered personal style is to know your body type. As you define your body type you will be able to dress it better. Let’s start with a simple over view of the 4 body basic body types.

Apple Body Type:

Come on!  You know your legs are killer!  Apple body types tend to have broad shoulders, round middles, a larger bust and also tend to gain weight easily in their waistlines.  You may have thinner arms, legs and hips.  Many mistake a Pear shaped body for an Apple body.  To be sure of the difference, remember that Pears hold their weight below the waist more in their hips while Apples are more top and middle heavy.

Best Tip for Apple Body ladies:  Show off your legs.  You can do it!  Apples will want to draw attention away from their middles and move the attention to other body parts.  Think v-necks and shorter skirts when getting dressed.  The perfect outfit for you would be our Viargya top paired with a slim jean or legging.  Shop the look here.


Pear Body Type:

You have got those hips that just don’t quit!  Pears tend to have a little more “junk in the trunk” with thicker thighs and backsides.  If your a Pear shape you will tend to be smaller on top.  You centre of gravity is in your hips.  Pears often find it challenging to fit pants and skirts.

Best Tip for Pear Ladies:  Aim to balance your figure by bringing attention upwards.  Bright prints on top, layering tops to add bulk, frills up top and statement neck jewellery can all bring balance to a pear figure.  Don’t hide your hips under loose skirts or pants.  Look for slim well cut pieces in order to tailor and streamline your bottom half.  You would look great in our Ahimsa top with a pencil skirt.  Shop the look here.


Rectangle Body Type:

You are so balanced.  Balanced in life and body right?  Atta girl.  Are you fairly straight from you shoulders to hips to waist?  Do you tend to be thin with a small bust?  Are you the same size on top and bottom?  You my dear are a rectangle body shape.  Rectangles are a fun shape to be because you can add volume in a lot of stylish ways.  You also get to play with fun sleeves and feminine shapes to add curves.  Rectangle types tend to have the most variety of garments to play with, just watch out for details that widen the waistline.

Best Tip for Rectangle Ladies:  Avoid adding details that thicken to your waist, play up with full sleeves and eye catching details on you top or bottom instead.  You look great in feminine curve scoop necks like our Destiny top.  You can also rock feminine curves on the bottom like our Karuna skirt.  Also always feel inspired to try a belt around your waist in any outfit.  This will help you define it.  Shop the look here.


Hourglass Body Type:

You have a killer waist and you better know it.  Hourglass figures tend to have their upper and lower portions in align as well as a small waist.  You don’t need have a large bust to be an hourglass its more about the waist being very defined naturally.  Your body is very easy to clothe.  The number one rule is avoid anything boxy!

Best Tip for Hourglass Ladies:  Your waist is your focal point.  Put the details there.  That sounds simple but its the truth.  Work your outfits from the waist out.  Feel free to find a great fitting tailored skirt or pants and tuck you slim tshirt right in to show off the waist.  A great outfit for you is our Abyhasa Dress.  You can wear it with a great belt to really dress right for your shape.  Shop the look here.


Now you have some tools to rock that body type!  I would love to hear your tips on how you style your shape.  Whats you biggest shape challenge?  Comment below.

Jennifer @Salts

Wanna talk more about #bodytype and #bodyimage?  Join us on April 12 for a Twitter Chat at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST.  Use the hashtag #SaltsKSChat to join the conversation.

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