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Simple Daily Detox Recipes

Daily Detox

It is the season for detoxifying!  I have found this daily detox recipe a great regimen.  By incorporating these habits daily you can help your body rid itself of excess toxins taken on from the environment.  This detox plan is simple to follow and doesn’t require a lot of time or energy.  It is more about tweaking small things in your lifestyle so that you will detoxify a bit daily, rather than doing a major cleanse that would probably interrupt your life and require a huge commitment.  I also love doing cleanses and will tell you about the last detox cleanse I did in my next blog post!  Along with detoxing your body in January, I also recommend a home detox and decluttering session.  Clear out the old and make room for great new things to be welcomed into your life for the coming year.  Let’s begin!

1.  Lemon Detox:  Lemon water served hot or cold first thing in the morning (before you eat or drink anything else) is a great way to alkalize and cleanse the body.  The morning hours are when your body works the hardest to cleanse the toxins from your system.  By hydrating with a good amount of lemon water you will kickstart this process by enhancing enzymes and supporting your liver.  Drink 2-3 glasses if you can and wait 15-20 minutes before consuming anything else.

2.  Dry Body Brushing:  This is a new one for me.  I have been doing it for about 6 months and love it.  Dry body brushing can be done right before your morning shower.  Take 2-5 minutes (whatever you can spare) and use a natural bristle body brush.  You can find body brushes at most drug stores or health food stores.  They usually have a wooden handle and soft natural bristles.  Start at your feet and work your way up brushing in straight and circular motions.  Use several strokes on each area.  You skin is your largest organ of detoxification and this really helps the process.  Dry brushing is also great for clearing the lymph nodes and reduces cellulite deposits.  Here is a nice graphic to help you get familiar with dry brushing techniques.

3.  Deep Breathing:  Deep breath does wonders to clear you system!  Enhance your breath with a yoga class or perhaps try my favourite is the deep breathing method.  It’s the same method Tony Robbins uses.  Rather than go into detail I will just direct you to this great simple video guiding you through the deep breathing detox technique.

4.  Eat Whole Foods:  Throughout your day focus on eating whole natural foods and avoiding processed foods.  A trick to shopping for this is when getting your groceries, shop the outside ring of the store first!  That is where the produce, grains, meats, eggs and bulk bins are found.  These items are not processed into “products” and offer the least toxins to your diets.  Of course we could go into much more detail here but if your just beginning your health journey shopping for unprocessed foods and learning a few recipes to prepare them is a great start.

If possible for you also shop organic foods and visit your local farmers market for great options. You can start your day off with a green smoothie as well.  They are simple to make: place a couple handfuls of organic spinach with a few cups of almond milk in your blends blend this until fairly smooth.  Now add frozen fruit, protein powder, maca powder or nut butters, add anything your like and blend until smooth.  Play with the recipe.  This is a great way to get a lot of detoxifying foods into your system!

5.  Detox your Products and Home:  To help your body catch up with this detox plan you should probably stop adding new toxins into your environment.  Take some time and do a home product and skin/body care product detox.  Mainstream cleaners and body care products tend to have heavy toxins in them.  When you use them your body absorbs the toxins and again your body needs to filter and remove those toxins.  Help yourself along by lessening the amount of chemical products you come in contact with.

For cleansing your skincare and makeup I highly recommend Miessence organic products.  This company is serious about healthy organic products.  I use them regularly.  As far as household cleaners go I definitely recommend making your own out of simple household products that you find in most kitchens.  Baking soda, vinegar, washing soda and castile soap can be mixed together to make great non-toxic cleaners. Simply google for recipes online or look on Pinterest.

When buying new products look for natural versions of what you love.  This is important especially when considering the things that come in close contact with your body.  Clothing of course is my favourite example.  Love leggings?  Try organic cotton leggings instead.  Typical clothing products have been found to carry chemicals like lead and other contaminants. Look for non-toxic ethical clothing versions using natural materials and low impact dyes.

Have fun trying some of these detox recipes in your daily routine.  Let me know what you think and what you have tried before in the comments below.  Please share this post if you enjoyed it and sign up for our newsletter for more information on Salts Organic Clothing.

Happy Detoxing!

Jennifer @Salts

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