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Spring Bamboo Clothing Collection Details

There are 3 new bamboo clothing pieces ready for Spring ordering. I took a moment to go through the first two on video.  The Bless Bamboo T shirt top is a versatile classic piece that you can wear backwards and forwards. The first video is a new video that will cover all the current details of the Bless bamboo top.  All the details for the delivery of the Bless bamboo top can be found on the product page.

The second video is an older video explanation of the Lila Bamboo Wrap Top.  This top can also be worn several ways and is incredible comfortable while being versatile.  It can even be layered over the Bless Bamboo t shirt top as an outer spring layer as you can be often too hot and then suddenly too cold during this season. The colours in this video will not be the colours currently offered but you can get a lot of the style and fit details from this video.

I will make a new video for the skirt and add it next week!  Thanks for taking the time to check out all the new Bamboo Clothing Spring Collection. We are limiting these order to only the first 100 orders so get your in soon!

Shop the entire Spring Bamboo Clothing collection here.

Thanks you!


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