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Organic Chia Nutrient Summer Smoothie Recipe.

Its summer and the livin’ is easy here on Vancouver Island!  Try our Organic Chia Smoothing for a summer treat.

With the weather having warmed up we are finding ourselves spending more time than usual outdoors, sitting in the garden, stretching on the grass and dreaming up the next collection of beautiful slow fashion clothing for you.

Now, we know that you all enjoy living a healthy, organic lifestyle, so for a change we thought today would be a great day to share one of our favourite recipes.

This recipe involves organic nutrient rich Red Raspberries, which grow well throughout the world but are particularly abundant in my backyard.  Raspberries are a powerhouse food. Studies suggest that consuming 3 or more servings a day will lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration, they are also high in vitamin C and manganese which can help protect our bodies from environmental damage AND with such high levels  of antioxidants they help neutralize free radicals in our bodies. There are so many more benefits to eating raspberries regularly but if you’re like me, you want to just get on with eating them already!

Keep in mind that raspberries spoil fairly quickly so if you are purchasing, plan to use them within a couple of days and only wash berries just before you are going to eat them.

 Salts and West Chillin' Raspberry Smoothie 

1 banana

1 cup of raspberries

1 handful of spinach

1 tsp. vanilla

1.5 cups almond milk (or milk of choice)

1 tbsp. chia seeds*

1 tbsp. honey (optional)

1-cup ice

Put all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth. Drink immediately.

*Chia seeds are very high in omega-3 fatty acids and they contain 20% protein and 16% fibre but perhaps even more exciting is the fact that they can hold up to 12 times their weight in water, which make them ideal to consume before any sort of activity like yoga, However you should drink your smoothie quickly to avoid the chia seeds absorbing too much liquid.

Enjoy your Raspberries!


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