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Is Bamboo Clothing Good for Skin? 4 Great Reasons it Might Be.

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Bamboo clothing has many benefits- but is bamboo clothing good for skin? There is compelling evidence that says "Yes!" If you have sensitive skin, bamboo fabric may be the clothing solution you are looking for.

 1. Bamboo is Hypo-allergenic

Bamboo contains a naturally occurring component known as bamboo kun, which is what protects the plant against insects, microbes, and bacteria. When wearing fabrics spun from these fibers, you are reaping the benefits of this protection as well! Bamboo gives you an extra layer of protection against not only germs and allergens, but odors as well!

     2. Bamboo is Chemical and Pesticide Free

    Unlike cotton, which is grown and processed using a large amount of irritating chemicals, bamboo is able to be grown without them. The products used to grow and convert cotton into fabric soaks into the fibers, and then these toxins are directly exposed to our skin. Unfortunately, cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics, especially for clothes worn in sensitive areas, such as undergarments. To begin to get away from potential chemical exposure, which can greatly irritate sensitive skin, try switching to bamboo underwear or bras.

       3. Bamboo Clothing is Super Soft and Strong

      Most cotton fabric is somewhat scratchy against your skin, whereas bamboo fibers are rounded on the ends and don't fray, making the fabric luxuriously soft. Unlike polyester and other fibers, bamboo fabric is also superior in that it doesn't pill after washing. In fact, it gets softer and softer with every wash.

         4. Bamboo Clothing is Absorbent and Regulates Temperature

        Many types of skin irritation are caused by too much moisture on the skin. Bamboo fabric can help combat that issue because it is not only super absorbent, but moisture wicking as well. While cotton is absorbent, it stays wet when it gets wet. On the other hand, bamboo draws moisture away from the skin and expels it to the surface of the fabric to evaporate instead. Because of these properties, bamboo clothing also helps regulate body temperature. It allows your skin to breathe and be comfortable, staying cool when it's hot out, and warm when it's cold. Those with sensitive skin will especially love it!


        There are many benefits to wearing bamboo clothing, but the benefits it gives to help people with sensitive skin to be comfortable are some of the best! Its hypo-allergenic, chemical-free, soft and absorbent properties make it a go to for everyone, whether they suffer from skin allergies or if they just want to be comfy and cozy! Check out our full line of bamboo clothing here, made in Vancouver, Canada!

        Is Bamboo Clothing Good for Skin?

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