Salts & West Bamboo Clothing and Organic Clothing
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Workshop Updates

Thank you for your pre-order purchase of your new Salts & West bamboo clothing.

This page is updated with all new production information as it is available. We love that you have become a part of our small boutique manufacturing process with us. You can follow along with all the details of what stage your item is at here at anytime. We also regularly post updates on production in our stories on Instagram and Facebook so you can see your garments being made.

Thank you for your kind patience with our pre-production process, if you ever need items urgently we have in-stock items available in previous styles. Our pre-order program is discounted generously for those clients who love our stuff enough to wait as we work our slow fashion magic. Your patience is always kindly appreciated as we handcraft your new unique item.

Slow Fashion Process

We offer clothing made by Pre-Order for a variety of reasons. Once of the biggest reasons is to be able to minimize waste. In the current fashion industry there are huge problems with waste and unethical labour standards. The rush to make the quickest cheapest products have causes horrible pollution and human rights issues.

Our process is a slow thoughtful one where we employ local seamstresses while paying a living wage. The fabric is cut to order and almost ever scrap is used up by making headbands, scarves and our Bamties bamboo underwear. Salts & West aims to divert almost all of our fabric waste away from the landfill and into smaller products or we give it away to schools for crafting projects.

Lastly, a large part of our process is making quality garment that last for years. Some of our clients have told us they have been wearing certain items for over 10 years! We believe in creating unique yet classically styled pieces for you that you can wear for years to come.

Read more about the wonderful traits of Slow Fashion here.


Workshop Updates:

Thank you so much for your kind patience in waiting on your Bamboo Fleece items. The seamstresses informed me today that they are working on the buttons. This is the final step in the Wrap Sweater! I am expecting them to be fully complete soon (likely next week). The Pullover Sweaters are complete this week as well.

We will need to transport them to Vancouver Island from Vancouver for shipping, but that part of the process should be very quick.