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Why do kn95 Masks cost more than they used to? Here is our Transparent Pricing info.

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Kn95 masks and n95 masks used to be available at a way less expensive rate. Many people are concerned with the prices being charged for them at this time, that is a valid concern! The answer to this is two fold.

instock kn95 mask pricing information.

Some distributors (not us) have been trying to charge as much as they can possibly get away with, as much as $17 or more a mask in some cases. This is an unethical practice during this time and definitely needs to be monitored and stopped.

The other issue is that the price of actually acquiring these masks to distribute to those in need HAS gone up in an extreme way.  The raw cost before freight and duties has gone up a whopping 2880% from the cost of the same face mask product before the pandemic. This is the cost that the people like us are being charged in order to distribute the product to the people who need it. As you can see, the price we are charging did not increase anywhere near 2880% from the pre-pandemic price of the product.  However, the reality is the that the cost to get this item into the country has increased tremendously.

We DO have a solid supply line open and do not plan on being without supply anytime soon.  Our mission is to get quality personal masks with kn95 material on as many people as quickly as possible to help stop the spread. 

We have priced our kn95 masks based on the cost to us as well as just enough extra to cover our shipping staff wages, overhead etc. We have staff shipping in isolation which is far more expensive and difficult then warehouse shipping.

The cost and availability of freight at this time has also increased greatly adding to the cost of getting the masks to the people who need them.

As the supply of these products increase and we are able to get the cost of acquiring them down our prices will drop quickly and inline with the drop of our costs. 

Many suppliers such as Home Depot and Alert First Aid do have masks listed online but DO NOT have actual inventory of this product and have no details on when they will have inventory. From our research we estimate that it will be 6 weeks until more masks start appearing in Canada. 6 weeks from now our costs should be lower as well and we will pass that savings on to those people who are in need of these.

YES! You may find cheaper masks that are saying they are kn95 or n95 out there on the internet or in a marketplace. Please be extremely careful of this. There are certification processes to making authentic masks and there are a lot of fakes out there right now. Our kn95 masks have been certified with FDA and CE approval certifications.

YES! We have made our supply available to all forms of government and have been supplying where requested and needed. 

We are doing this to help people and get these into the hands of the people who need them as a personal mask, we have NO desire to charge extreme prices and ruin our own personal reputations. We truly just want to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and help people feel a bit safer if they have to work or go shopping. We know that many people can't avoid all trips outside their home and we are hoping to help however we can.

Our kn95 masks have now been supplied to our local Police forces, Coast Guard, Pharmacies and Firemen for use. Many of these agencies we have given to them by donation. We are standing behind this product and the price we need to charge to get it here and get it out the door into the hands of the people who need it! We hope that you will stand with us as like everyone we are just doing the best we can to make a difference during this hard time.

The CDC guidelines for reusing these kn95 masks can be found here:

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