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5 Must-Try Natural Non-Toxic Makeup Brands

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5 Must-Try Natural Non-Toxic Makeup Brands

Here at Salts & West, we are in the pursuit of living a more simple, healthy, sustainable, and conscientious life.  Like us, you're probably on the search for the best natural, non-toxic makeup brands because you want to steer clear of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.  Maybe you've taken a gander at the ingredients list on the back of your lipstick and wondered what the heck those items are (let alone how to pronounce them).  For most of us, the idea of ditching makeup altogether is down right scary.  Here is the GOOD NEWS!  If you've boarded the 'green train' (or are waiting for the right time to jump on), no time is better than now to access brands that boast pure, bod-friendly (and earth-friendly!) ingredients.  We've compiled 5 of our top picks for natural beauty brands for you test out.

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